“Living the beauty of the art of moving and breathing to caress the depth of your essence and merge with it”

Yoga is a quest for wisdom

Practicing the postures with your attention turned within is essential

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The first part of the class is dedicated to postural work

Two approaches are proposed :

I. Hatha : evolving sequences, meditative pauses, slow rythm

II. Ashtanga Vinyasa : primary and intermediate series, faster rtythm

The base is the same for both :

  • synchronisation of breath and movement
  • perineum (& other energetic seals)
  • gazing points
  • precision of the alignements
  • memorization of a sequence :

– custom (hatha : one or more postures can be added or removed from time to time depending on the needs)

– predefined (ashtanga : postures are added progressively, allowing access to the 2nd and 3rd series)


The final half hour of each class is reserved for breath and mind work

  1. Learn to breathe well
  2. Discover powerful techniques with varied effects

Mudras et Kriyas* may also be taught depending on the energy of the moment

Samadhi & Kundalini awakening

One of Yoga’s main goals, beatitude or ecstasy can be approached in a variety of ways : meditation on the nature of the Self, Love, forgiveness, the chakras, the void…

Samadhi is at the same time the result and the origin of the other 7 limbs of traditional yoga

To put it in a nutshell, Kundalini is life force cultivated at its zenith…

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