Yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy that can also turn into a sport, relaxation or well-being practice.

It acts deeply and efficiently on mental, emotional and physical levels, with great benefits :

  • enhanced breathing
  • disapearance or decrease of physical discomforts (back pain etc.)
  • better mobility (balance, flexibility…)
  • better digestion
  • muscle and joint strenghtening
  • loss of body fat
  • increased focus
  • anchoring in the present moment
  • reduction of anxiety and insomnia
  • reconnection to the values of benevolence and respect
  • better knowledge of self
  • inner peace

Depending on our needs, many techniques are available :

  • Asanas are the postures of Yoga

We can learn over 60 of them, the complexity and the fun of which go crescendo. Their health benefits are tremendous.

  • Pranayamas are the breathing techniques

We will discover a dozen together, and more specifically their essential bases in order to enhance the way you breathe during the whole rest of the day.

  • Samadhi – or Ecstasyis the result of meditation

It consists in rediscovering the state of mind of the child : beatitude

  • Here are the 8 limbs of traditional yoga :

I. Yama (outer ethic) : to live in a way that is gentle, balanced, giving, nourishing and leads to freedom (Simon Borg-Olivier)

II. Niyama (inner ethic): perceiving life as a passionate inner quest to remove the obstacles to love and happiness

III. Asana : sane physical body

IV. Pranayama : radiant subtle body

V. Pratyhara : mastery of senses

VI. Dharana : concentration

VII. Dhyana : meditation

VIII. Samadhi : absorption

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