Méditation & Art de respirer


Used succesfully in hospitals and schools all over the world, meditation is an art and a way to attain optimum health.

Pranayama is the practice of yogic breathing techniques (which is the ideal preparation for meditation thanks to its profound effect on the nervous system).

These two techniques deepen well-being through the liberation of “hapiness molecules” (ocytocine, dopamine, endorphine…) and good oxygenation.

Some of their effects are :

  • increase of focus capacity
  • anchoring in the present moment
  • reduction of anxiety and insomnia
  • betterment of breathing
  • reconnection to the values of benevolence, respect and compassion (of self and others)
  • deepening of self-knowledge
  • maintaining inner-peace

For that, a set of uplifting, original and fun techniques are available (modified breathing, mental, sensory and emotional explorations, visualisations, mantras…)

We can compare what brushing is for your teeth with what meditating is for your brain…

Getting to know one’s own deep functioning in order to inititate change and stability.

Expand your imagination and creativity.

And much more.

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