From the ancient greek θεραπευτήςtherapeutếs (« server, one who takes care of others » )

I work with the help of magnetic energy, this force that binds all living forms. That enables constant influence on and from the environment through the means of the aura.

When people come across each other, a subtle, silent communication takes place (an energetic communication), we usually have an intuitive feeling of the person in front of us, beyond body language. It is this magnetism (electro-magnetism) that enables this.

Our auras (in this context = the sum of all that we think, feel and do, consciously and unconsciously “these days”) are interacting with each other all the time.

Why Therapist ?

I feel deeply lucky and grateful to have a job that is also a passion, even though living through Yoga is a constant challenge.

One of the most beautiful rewards of this audacious life choice is the opportunity to study more, having more time and energy to dedicate to the opening of my mind and heart, to tune into my body and into Life.

5 years exploring full-time numerous personal development techniques, methods to recover or maintain well-being, philosophical systems from various traditions and sharing them with my students, friends and family with concrete results, and a love and an empathy always renewed and heightened lead me today to embrace therapeutics.

I love taking care of people

Hence, it is with an immense joy that I offer you, from now on, my services as a holistic therapist (working with the physical, emotional and mental bodies).

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